Languishing on one of the most beautiful stretches of South Africa’s coastline is Teremok Lodge & Spa, our seaside sanctuary. The bespoke, intimate hotel opened in 2003 when the owners fell in love with the residential property and meticulously set about evolving it into the type of establishment they would like to encounter during their travels. The expansive home that they purchased was filled with cross-continental love stories and lifechanging historical events that have woven themselves into the very character of Teremok – the name of the property when we bought it which, loosely translated from Russian, means “little hideaway”. Five-star Teremok is still owned and run by the same family and remains as beautiful as it is relevant. The many awards we have won ranging from service to being the best boutique hotel in South Africa (as recently as this year) bear testimony to this.
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Teremok has hosted international movie stars, royalty, politicians and celebrities, and now you’re invited to become a private resident. Set one road back from the sea and at the beginning of Umhlanga’s beautiful promenade, it is situated on the biggest piece of residential land in Umhlanga and the tropical, treed garden screens it from the world at large. The German word “sehnsucht”, is best described as an inconsolable yearning or wistful longing for something one cannot explain. Teremok evokes this feeling in departed guests who often spend years communicating with us about their desire to return. And now, with the Private Residence Club, you can make Teremok your seaside sanctuary. Claim your own piece of Teremok to hold in your heart by pre-purchasing accommodation to use at your discretion.
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Accommodation in any one of the eight individually decorated, design-driven suites are purchased in intervals of 10 nights per year for a five-year period. The key here is flexibility, so accommodation can be booked at any time of the year and in whatever increments suit you, whether it be a one-night stopover or a 10-night holiday. As it’s been pre-purchased, the accommodation has been discounted and is not subject to any of the hotel’s rates increases. This membership has a once-off purchase fee with no pesky annual fees or subscriptions payable thereafter. Accommodation nights can be gifted to other people and there is also reciprocity with other local and international establishments. This exclusive Private Residence Club gives guests access to all Teremok’s facilities including a spa, a small private gym and the use of a private chef. Join the club!

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